Our specialty is creating online collections of digital media and information, using WordPress, and structuring them so that it is easy to find information.   In addition to making information/images easy to find, we design sites so that visitors can see how information is inter-related.   These relationships help people see information in new ways as they browse and search collections.

Our latest historic architecture project that uses enhanced browsing and searching functionality is the Queens Modern site.

We make the information in your database, content management system, or web site easy to find.  These are the specific services we provide to make that happen:

  • Content analysis / organization
  • Research/Planning/Project Management
  • Information architecture design and development.   This includes the development of descriptive tags, taxonomies, metadata, and thesauri
  • Web site design and development

We can also help gather, analyze and organize information from your collections, archives, etc.

If would like more information, contact me at debsher@informavore.com.