My name is Deb Sher, and I have been an information professional for many years, specializing in the analysis and organization of information collections, and the creation of WordPress websites to make image collections accessible online.

I have developed web sites, digital asset management systems, and online courses.  Currently, my focus is the development of WordPress websites containing interactive image and information collections.

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Our specialty is creating online collections of digital media and information, using WordPress, and structuring them so that it is easy to find information.   In addition to making information/images easy to find, we design sites so that visitors can see how information is inter-related.   These relationships help people see information in new ways as they browse and search collections.

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Digital Asset Management System

I conceived of, designed, and developed MediaNet for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Available to all VA employees, MediaNet contained more than 20,000 files of all types, including:  photos, illustrations, animations, audio, video, text, brochures, posters, and more. MediaNet saved the VA money and time.  Resources were shared, eliminating unnecessary re-creation of media.

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Specializing in Interactive Image and Information Collections

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